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Four Bedroom Apartment or House Bundle


Discounted 4-bedroom kit is the perfect assortment of moving supplies. See full list below for what is included.

Our best value! This discount kit includes the perfect solution to pack, protect, and organize your four-bedroom home. We’ve discounted all items for best value.

This bundle includes:

  • 25 x 2 Cubic Foot Cube Box
  • 45 x 4 Cubic Foot Cube Box
  • 1 x Dish Pack Box
  • 3 x Wardrobe Box with Hanger Bar
  • 1 x Clean Newsprint Paper (10lb)
  • 6 Rolls of packing tape

Note: TV Box & Mattress Covers sold separately (due to various sizes), and are highly recommended to protect these items.

Best of all, enjoy the convenience of this entire kit being delivered right to your front door