Need a moving company?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Work?

#1 – We deliver the boxes.
#2 – You pack, move and unpack.
#3 – We pick them up.

So easy even a Brontosaurus would get it.

Do You Move the Boxes?

NO! Dino arms are too tiny to lift things. We make things easier by renting you the moving boxes and equipment but packing and moving is up to you!

How Do I Order and Book?

Click “Book Now” at the top of the page, give us your info, pick a 2-week window for your move, and request a date & time for delivery.

If that day is not available we will call you to work out a day that does!

Yes, we use phones and like to talk to people. Dinos may be extinct but telephones are not!

Can I Change My Booking?

Yes! Just call or email us and we can make any changes you need. The more notice the better, but sometimes unexpected things happen… Dinos understand… we once got hit by an asteroid. Totally wrecked our weekend plans.

How Do I Pay?

We accept Credit Cards on our mobile payment device when we deliver the boxes. We also accept E-transfer & cash upon delivery, our driver does not carry a float so cash would have to be exact.

Can I Keep the Boxes Longer?

Most likely! If you are getting stressed during unpacking, give us a call and in almost all cases we can accommodate this for a small extra charge of $75/additional week.

What Cities Do You Operate In?

Only Saskatoon! If you are leaving the beautiful YXE, we, unfortunately, cannot rent our plastic bins however we do have a variety of cardboard products

We will pick up and drop off in Martensville, Warman, and small towns and acreages around Saskatoon.

How Big are the Boxes?

They are not too small like those pesky Velociraptors. Nor are they too large like those huge Brontosauruses. They are juuuuust the right size. Large enough to hold stuff, but not too large to handle.

The box size is 22.5″ x 18″ x 11.5″

Why Do You Only Have One Size of Boxes?

One size fits all! Our box sizes are right in that sweet spot of being big enough to hold enough stuff, but not too big that you can’t handle them.

If you have a larger item (like Uncle Jim’s Grandfather Clock), it doesn’t belong in a box!

That perfect box size is 22.5″ x 18″ x 11.5″

Why is it Called Dino Box?

Because Dino is short for Dinosaur,and Dinosaurs are awesome!

Will an Actual Dinosaur Deliver?

Umm, no. Dinos are extinct. Until Jurassic Park happens. It could happen…

What Do I Do With My Clothes?

Umm wear them?

Oh, you mean for the move? Well, they can go in our boxes as well, or use a plastic bag… they are clothes! Or if you have nice things, you might want to just buy or rent a wardrobe box from us! The back of a smelly truck is not a place for Ball Gowns… or your beloved 1989 Tragically Hip World Tour t-shirt.